Listed Below are some of the services that are provided by WolfBytes Software, Inc

  • Re-Writes and Refactoring of existing dot net (C#, VB, C++) based programs and websites.
  • New data driven websites using the latest client rendering JavaScript technologies.
  • Data Back-end Services or Cloud Services to store your data.
  • Emergency software repair and/or updates due to new requirements.
  • Software Integration into an ERP System such as IFS or SAP.
  • Custom JavaScript Coding to handle page requests.
  • Repair of broken software programs, whether Windows Based or Web Based.
  • Database updates.
  • Database integration of your data entry forms.
  • Assist with SQL queries or extraction of data based on a query.
  • Data Analysis assistance and Reporting.
  • EDI Based Transaction help and coding.
  • Integration with Azure, AWS or any other cloud provider.

We have over 20 years of successful projects and many happy customers.

Happy Customers:

Brookdale Senior Living – provided updated Amortization rates and calculations in the web based software.

Hach Water Quality – Wastewater Treatment and Fresh Water Reporting, Analysis and Calculations.

Badger Meter – Real Time Remote Tower Meter Reading software and storage for residential and business.

DCI Marketing – EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) software and supporting web sites to handle order processing, invoicing and acknowledgements. Interfaced with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  system IFS.